Competition Rule


Now, we have updated the latest version of the Competition Rules.
Minor changes to these rules will likely be made at the first GA Meeting of IOI 2002.
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    Version: 1.03

Programming Environment

    For More Information
  IOI 2002 PC
  The specification of the desktop PC for IOI 2002 Competitions is decided.
Click on the icon below to see some photos of the PC, monitor and keyboard.
     IOI 2002 PC
  Documents for IOI 2002
  * User Manual for IOI 2002: [rtf file] [pdf file]
* IOI 2002 Contest System User Manual : [rtf file] [pdf file]
  Practice Competition
  * General Practice Competition Instructions: [rtf file] [pdf file]
* Overview sheet for Day-0: [rtf file] [pdf file]
* Task NUMBER: [rtf file] [pdf file]
* Task STRING: [rtf file] [pdf file]
* Task RED: [rtf file] [pdf file]
* Auxiliary Materials for DAY-0 : [zip file]
  Competition Day 1
  * Overview sheet for Day-1 : [doc file] [pdf file]
* Task FROG : [doc file] [pdf file] [handout pdf]
* Task UTOPIA : [doc file] [pdf file] [handout pdf]
* Task XOR : [doc file] [pdf file] [handout pdf]
* Input Data for DAY-1 : [zip file]
  Competition Day 2
  * Overview sheet for Day-1 : [doc file] [pdf file]
* Task BATCH : [doc file] [pdf file] [handout pdf]
* Task BUS : [doc file] [pdf file] [handout pdf]
* Task RODS : [doc file] [pdf file] [handout pdf]
* Input Data for DAY-2 : [zip file]
  IOI 2002 Competition Book
  A booklet will be available soon. It will contain the tasks(including backup tasks and submitted tasks), solutions, background informations, and grading results.
  * If you have any questions about the competition of IOI 2002, please go to 'Board',
     click 'Q&A'
IOI 2002 Contest System